Keeping Kids Busy on A Budget

School is out for summer!! This means kids will underfoot and aching for something to do. Here’s our list of budget-friendly ways to keep your kids entertained and out of trouble all summer long!

Create Your Own Camp

No matter what your kids are passionate about, you can create a summer camp experience for them! If they want to explore cooking, check out some budget-friendly meal programs that come with ingredients and recipes. You’ll nurture your little chef’s kitchen escapades and save on the grocery bill and waste too! Let the kids pick what meals they’d like to prepare and explore different cuisines through culinary exploration while adding in some cultural education too! If you’ve got a STEM kid on your hands, check out Pinterest for some great, cheap science experiments to try out at home! A lot of the material you’ll already have under your sink or in the pantry! Have kids explore the scientific method and create a science journal so they can record their experiments, observations, and results!

Book Club

If you’ve got a bookworm on your hands, or want to create one, find a local or online book club! is a great resource that will give your child access to thousands of titles, fun games and quizzes and an award system to help them track their progress for less than $3.50/ month or check out your local library for their summer reading lists!


Home Depot, Michaels and other hobby and DIY companies often offer weekly kid’s workshops or even creativity camps where they can paint tiles, make flowerpots, and create cement garden plaques. Check out what’s available near you!


Whether you want to explore your own neighborhood or take a little road trip, geocaching can make an adventure out of any outing! Geocaching lets you find and leave treasures for new explorers, learn about geography and mapping, and lets you get in touch with nature too! Learn more about geocaching here!

Local Nature Preserve

If you live in suburbia, it may be a little difficult to find ways to get some fresh air and get into nature. Check to see if your city or any neighboring cities have a riparian preserve. You’ll get a chance to stroll in nature, see new animals and birds and often, preserves will have guided hikes or children’s education programs!


For older kids, check out to find great ways to give back to the community and spend time making new friends!

There’s no shortage of ways to keep kids entertained on a budget, you just need a little inspiration and creativity! Help kids stay on a schedule, even while having a fun-filled summer!