Summer Side Hustles

Summer is the perfect time start making some extra cash. People are vacationing and demand is high for all things recreational! Here’s some quick, easy ways to turn an easy profit!

Offer Tours

If you live someplace beautiful with hidden gems, offer to be a tour guide to travelers! You set your own schedule and your own hourly pay!

Rent Out Your Pool

Depending on where you live, your pool could make you up to $150 an hour. Sign up for Swimply today! Pools that offer guests use of a restroom always go for higher. Swimply also covers up to $1 million in insurance for owners.

Rent Out Your Recreational Toys!

If you have got a boat, a few jet skis, an ATV, or any other recreational vehicle, put it up for rent on GetMyBoat. You can even add a surcharge for vehicles returned without gas.

Rent Your Home for The Weekend

If you have plans to travel, make some of that money back by listing your home on Airbnb. You can easily cover your trip expenses! If you don’t plan to travel, ask a friend if you can crash for the weekend and list your pad anyways! You’ll can make some extra cash, spend time with loved ones, and splurge on dinner for everyone!


Sign up for Instacart, Lyft, Uber, or any other local delivery service in your free time. People spend more money for the convenience when it’s sweltering out, so take advantage!


If you dream of spending the summer by the pool, why not make money while you’re at it? Lifeguards get paid anywhere from $15-$60 per hour!

Online Tutoring

There is always a need for tutors, and not just in those same old school subjects! You can make $20 an hour easily by teaching the elderly how to use the internet, Zoom and other social media sites. Drop a few flyers at your local senior center!

Think outside the box and find a need that you can fill while filling up your bank account!

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