Super Savings Summer!

Summer is here in full swing and that usually means it is time for a vacation! But this year, so many families are still recovering from the financial stresses of 2020. So, this year, we propose a challenge! Super Savings Summer 2021 can be a way to get the whole family excited for savings, or just a way to get yourself back on financial track. Read on for some great tips and ideas to help you save this summer!

Trade in that vacation for a staycation!

Turn your backyard (or the backyard of a friend or relative) into vacation oasis! Break out the kiddie pool, set up a tent and pack the cooler with all your favorite treats! Roast marshmallows around the firepit, fire up the grill and have a water balloon fight! You do not need to break the bank to have some wholesome family fun!

Clipping Coupons

This one seems like a no-brainer, but if you have never dipped into the coupon world, this summer is the perfect time to start! Get the kids in on the game so you can double or triple your clippings and savings! Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady online to get a real schooling on how to coupon for big savings!

Culinary Changes

Save big on your electricity bill by cooking outdoors or skip cooking altogether and try a raw diet this summer! Cooking heats up your home enough that your air conditioner must work overtime to keep up. By cutting out the use of your oven, you can save significantly. Also, raw diets can often help you save significantly on your grocery bill!

Cut The Cord

Challenge your family to cut out those entertainment extras that can easily cost $100/ month. Cut down on the streaming services and take advantage of the longer summer daylight hours by getting outside after dinner for a family walk, play some flag football or go for a leisurely bike ride!

Skip the theme park, hit up the national park!

Theme parks are a family favorite, but for a family of 4, it can easily cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars! Instead, plan an epic camping trip to a national park! The America the Beautiful Park Pass gives you access to all national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, Bureau of Land Management sites, Bureau of Reclamation sites and U.S Army Corps of Engineers sites, all for $80/ year. The pass offers unlimited entrance for the pass owner and all passengers in a single non-commercial vehicle at sites that charge a per-vehicle fee, or valid for the owner and up to three adults at sites that charge per person. Children under 15 are free. You may still have to pay campsite fees.

Come on back next week for greater budget and savings tips!